Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who fills my Apothepack?

Apothepack is sponsored and filled by Pharmacy Innovations.

How do I obtain my Apothepack?

For your convenience, your Apothepack can be picked up or delivered directly to your home or place of your choosing.

Is there an additional charge for this?

No, we just want you to get the best possible results with your medications.

Is there a charge for shipping?

We offer free USPS shipping.  Upgrades are available at an additional cost.

What medications can be included in my Apothepack?

All maintenance medication, including your compounded prescriptions, can be included. In addition, we can include your supplement vitamins regimen in your Apothepack so everything is in one convenient pack. If you have items like inhalers or creams, they will be packed alongside your Apothepack so they can be shipped at the same time.  

Do you offer supplement packs I can include?

We do!  Pharmacy Innovations offers a wide range of Pharmacist recommended supplement packs including Women’s Health, Men’s Health and Immuno Support, as well as custom vitamins for you.  We can include vitamins that medications deplete from the body in your pack.

What happens if I get a new medication in the middle of the month?

Your new prescription will be filled with just enough to get you to your next Apothepack refill date.  At that time, your next Apothepack will include all of your medications, including your newest prescription!

All of my prescriptions are filled at different days.  Would I be able to use Apothepack?

Absolutely!  We will talk with both your insurance provider and Health Care Practitioner to get all of your prescriptions on the same schedule, we call this medication “syncing”! We will then, contact you to coordinate the first date for your Apothepack to be delivered.  

What if I travel frequently?

If you travel frequently, Apothepack is perfect for you! Having your medications and supplements prepackaged with time and date stamps makes traveling a snap.  Simply tear off the dates you will be gone, put in your bag and you are ready to go! In the event you know you will not be home on your scheduled refill date, please contact our Customer Support team to make alternate arrangements.

Do you take my insurance?

Pharmacy Innovations accepts several insurances, but not all of these insurances allow or pay for prescriptions through the mail. To verify if Pharmacy Innovations takes your insurance, please call 888-838-2102 option #7 or email us at You can also register for our patient portal here and use our secure messaging system.  In the event your insurance isn’t accepted, our team can provide non-insurance prices for comparison.  

How do I transfer my prescription?

Transferring your prescription is easy, we do the work! Please provide Pharmacy Innovations with your doctor’s information along with what you would like filled, and we can obtain new prescriptions.  Your doctor may check with you to verify the prescription transfer.

Why is signing up for the Pharmacy Innovations Portal important?

The Pharmacy Innovations Patient Portal is a safe effective and convenient way for you to communicate with our Pharmacy staff.  You can securely order thru our Portal, alert us to any changes in your medication or simply ask a question and our staff will be able to easily communicate with you. You can text and receive texts about your Apothepack, by enrolling in the Patient Portal, you have a direct line of communication with our team regarding not only your Apothepack but any questions you may have about your prescriptions and or supplements, with 24 hour convenience!