The Secret Downside of Essential Medication

Medical professionals, including doctors and pharmacists, may alert you to the fact that side effects will happen with any prescription medication — but the hidden culprit for these side effects may be drug-induced nutrient depletion, which is entirely avoidable. 

The reality is, difficult for our bodies to absorb the nutrients we get from food which make it possible for us to recover from illness or even stay healthy in the first place. Medications like cholesterol-reducing statins and diuretics can inhibit our ability to produce and process these nutrients.

Symptoms of nutrient depletion can often be mistaken for anything from normal fatigue to an additional disease or ailment, and at best leads to you feeling under the weather and at worst to your doctor feeling the need to prescribe you unnecessary medications. That’s why we advocate supplementing your usual medication with a healthy regimen of the vitamins your body needs to operate at fullest possible capacity. For a list of some of the most common nutrient depletions, check out this article.

Apothepack is specifically designed to offset this unnecessary vitamin deficiency often caused by medications by conveniently packaging your daily prescriptions with the right vitamins to keep your body’s nutrient stock at full, healthy capacity. We offer several different starter packs, all of which can be customized to suit your personal health needs and packaged together with your recurring prescriptions. You can see a full list of the starter packs we offer on our base packs page.

Additionally, we have several professionals who are ready to answer questions you might have (or you can always check out our FAQ!).

This post was written by Dr. Michael Schifano (“Dr. Mike”). 

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